Aug 9, 2010

Cendol Pak Akob

@ Section 16, Shah Alam

nope, he ain't waiting for a bus

Stall owners often find the weirdest places to trade and this particular stall is quite unique, since it is located in front of a mosque (just a few doors away from an Indian temple and school) and right next to a bus stand. In fact, due to the lack of space on the sidewalk, you end up sitting at the bus stand to drink down your cendol or like this man, to eat your plate of rojak. Famous in Shah Alam, Cendol Pak Akob is where everyone stops to quench their thirst with the cendol and rojak.

cool down with cendol mixed with kacang merah

I must admit I've only tasted the rojak once pretty long ago and if I remember correctly, it wasn't exceptional tasting. Just ordinary run of the mill stuff given a fiery dash of peanut sauce to fill up your tummy. What I like is his cendol (RM1.20) - those cool jade green slivers resembling worms drizzled with gula melaka syrup and drank down with coconut milk. Here, the shaved ice that top the bowls of cendol are pretty fine, hence they melt down quickly to cool the coconut milk.

cendol with tapai - delish combo (RM1.70)

The stall also serves one of my all time favourite combinations - tapai (fermented rice) with cendol. While the tapai here is quite light tasting (not very pungent), it still makes a fantastic duo when eaten together. As and when you place your order, they will unwrap the small banana leaf packets filled with the fermented rice and put it in your bowl. If you are looking for a very filling meal - add pulut with your tapai cendol for RM2.20.

no way you can miss this at the side of the road. I like the mix of English and Malay words on the signboard.



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