Jun 14, 2010

Nasi Lemak CT Garden (CT Roses)

@ Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Something closer to home this time round - the Petronas Twin Towers. This is the fantastic night time view you get when you dine at this nasi lemak place. Views around the Kampung Baru area are always fantastic since there's no high rise development with the Malay reserve land restriction to block it. This is where people usually flock to to watch the yearly fireworks show to celebrate New Year.

Right next to the Sultan Sulaiman Sports Club, this night time nasi lemak place is popular among local residents of Kampung Baru and those seeking for a quick dinner or a cheap supper. Here each packet wrapped in banana leaf and old newspaper is simply a mound of rice topped with hot sambal chock full of ikan bilis and a sliver of hard boiled egg.

Extremely reasonable at 60 sens a packet, this is ideal budget food to fill up your tummy. Although the rice isn't the perfect fluffy type but kinda wet, the sambal and it's cheap price makes up for the dissapointing rice. Usually one is never enough hence you see people piling a few on their trays. As and when the pile of nasi lemak packets dwindle, the people behind the counter will start making them.

Once you have picked your nasi lemak, choose from a variety of dishes (lauk) to accompany it. Although it's self service here, you need to advice the lady what you want and she will scoop it out in a plate for you. She will also give you a small piece of paper with the price of the food.

There's fried chicken, fried quails, rendang, quail egg curry, chicken liver and cow's lungs on skewers, tempe, vegetables like fern shoots (paku pakis), french beans, unpeeled petai (stink beans) and etc to choose from. Our favourites are the tempe which is fried till crispy and the paku pakis. Once you have selected your food, grab your drink from the next counter before paying for your meal. There's also another drinks station outside which serves watered down fruit juices in tall glasses and coffee.

Jomm pekenaaaa!....



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