Jun 13, 2010

Fruits : Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Local Fruits

Last weekend, Splashie Boy's company held a Fruits Festival in aid of charity. It was great fun as there were loads of fruits to choose from. It was quite obvious though which particular fruit was the most popular - the King of fruits aka the Durian. Everyone made a beeline for it and it finished quickly. Even a second reload of durians saw everyone scrambling to get their share.

What amazed me was the people who organised the fair had a special machine to open durians. Essentially a drilling machine, they had adapted it with a metal spike at the end of the drill which could be used to open the durian gently. It became the focal point of the festival as everyone crowded around the machine to get their durians opened since there were no parangs.

Although the opening for the durian has been made, some brute force is needed to pry the thorny skin to reveal the goodies within.

Well worth the wait - creamy and rich durian within.

The kids were also having fun as there was free flowing ice cream. Just help yourself at the cooler on what you wanted. There was also a dance performance by the children and lots of games and line dancing. Of course everyone did the usual dances - the Macarena, the Chicken Song and the ever famous YMCA with all the gestures.

Tables were filled with fruits of all varieties which you could help yourself. People were also around to cut your chosen fruit. These star fruits (carambola) are great for health. They also make pretty star shapes when cut.

My absolute favourite - Mata Kuching or Cat's Eyes, the local longan variety. Here's Splashie Boy holding a nice bunch which we ate that afternoon.

There were loads of mangosteens around to help cool down your body after taking the heaty effects of durian.

Apple green guavas, my mum's favourite fruit. They're not too sweet and some varieties are soft and seedless. I like taking them plain or sprinkled with that sourish powder made from Seen Mui (preserved sour plum).

There were loads of these Pink Dragonfruit all sliced up for us to enjoy. The pink version is so much sweeter than the white ones. Nowadays it's pretty easy to get these fruits in local farms who plant a lot of these. You can even make jam from this fruit, just pair it with pineapple to give it flavour.

Duku Langsat were also available. I like this fruit but find it quite messy to eat as the sap of the skin creates sticky fingers.

There was also lots of Pulasan, a fruit similar to rambutan except the flesh is thicker.

Lots of rambutan in a box. They taste really good cold. Usually when we get a bunch a home, we'll take the skin out and the seed inside and leave it covered in the fridge. Makes it easier to eat.



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