Jun 20, 2010

Air Kelapa Bakar Utara (Northern Burnt Coconut Water)

@ Kampung Subang, Selangor 

dilapidated sign, black and black, stainless steel mugs

Taking the back roads of a highway one day, I discovered this interesting item rarely seen in the city - pitch black burnt coconuts that is said to yield water with healing properties. It's a bit disconcerning to see the usually green young coconuts turn into soot black coconuts with a flaky ash exterior but I was mighty curious to discover its taste.
chop chop for the sweet tasting water

The coconuts are burnt in a large metal container until the coconuts turn black. The lady wasn't very helpful in telling me how long they took but I guess it ranges from 1/2 hour to more, depending on the fire. One article on the Internet claims it should be burnt for 5 hours to get its healthy benefits. To ensure that there's still water within the coconut, the lady will shake each coconut before she carts them off to be cut.
air kelapa bakar utara in all its brown glory

Once chopped, you will find the water has a slight murky brown colour while the flesh is brown on one side but pristine white on the other side. Tastewise, it's still sweet (but then she did add syrup to it) with a hint of smokiness. However, it is a little weird to drink something of this colour though. One coconut is RM3, about 50 cents more than the normal coconut water.

scenes from the roadside stall that also sells fruits

From what I've read on the Internet, the Indonesians and the Malays believe drinking this coconut water will cure a number of ills especially if it is done on a long term basis. Even though I'm not too sure if this is proven, I do know drinking coconut water is great for chicken pox or as a great refresher especially in this crazy heat we're currently experiencing. One extra bonus - this stall seems to be on the flight path of the Firefly planes. Every minute of two, you get to see a visual of the plane flying across, hence it's literally a view to kill while you dine on the refreshing coconut.



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