May 10, 2010

Satay @ O Mulia

Jalan Tun Razak / Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur

satay sticks on the grill

From yesterday's wok power, let us move on to the charcoal grill effect, which we discovered last Saturday. Having to make a stop late at night to Suria KLCC since a certain someone had to work, we picked O Mulia satay to grab a quick bite. The fellas manning the grills were putting on a pyrotechnic show, hence we both managed to grab excellent shots of their fire power.

incredible fire action all the way

I've been a patron of O Mulia since I was a teenager (was introduced to this stall by my sister) and it has been a favourite stop-over for satay long before Haji Samuri became super famous and built his enormous empire of satay outlets. The wait is often long especially during peak hours but don't worry, as you can also order other items like chicken chop, fried rice and noodles, steamed or grilled cockles, yong tau foo and etc, if your tummy grumbles over the long wait.

satay, pick me up sticks and a little vegetables with ketupat to make a whole meal

We prefer snapping loads of pictures of the men behind the hot grill, splashing oil with a brush fashioned from lemongrass to get the oil smoking hot. After a while, it was beginning to resemble the sparks of a Hokkien Mee stall owner. Here the satay is served in large meaty chunks with charred bits on the outside and juicy tender centers within. This makes it a very substantial meal when coupled with ketupat (sigh, I would prefer leaves vs plastic though!), cucumbers and onions. Everything is eaten with a chunky peanut sauce (way better than the watered down gunk in a certain famous satay restaurant), where you can add super spicy sambal, if preferred. Sedaapppppppppp!



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