Jun 1, 2011

Popiah Basah

@ Section 14 Medan Selera, Petaling Jaya

Somedays when my mood strikes, I will delve into places which are not my usual haunts to search for food. One such visit to this tucked away food court led to the discovery of this yummy popiah basah(RM0.70 per piece). Although I have seen this fella making his popiah last year in the Section 14 Ramadan Bazaar, it was my first time visiting him at his stall at the Medan Selera. It was definitely easier to get a taste of his popiah versus waiting in the long queue at the Ramadan Bazaar.

If you want to take a tea break, drop by his stall as his popiah basah is excellent. Turmeric hue yam shreds dotted with tiny prawns, bean sprouts, deep fried shallots and egg are encased in a thin flour skin smeared with the signature chilli and sweet sauce. He dots more of the sauce on top of the popiah which should be eaten straight away to savour all the flavours. Actually writing about this now, makes me hanker for another taste for his popiah basah. I guess you know where I will be for today's teatime break! By the way, this particular Medan Selera has excellent lontong too which is available in the mornings.

Popiah Basah Stall
Lot P4, Pusat Penjaja,
Pasar Section 14
Petaling Jaya

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