May 27, 2011

Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival 2011

If you want a holiday where you can shop till you drop, then you could do a whole lot worse than wind up in Malaysia this summer.
With its multitude of shopping malls, dazzling markets and individual souvenir stores selling everything from the latest mobile phones and attractive Malaysian clothes to local artworks, DVDs and more, Malaysia has always been a shopper’s paradise.

However, the dream come true has arrived. The Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival is an opportunity to flash the cash quite unlike any other – with bargains galore it’s a time when sales figures in the country literally shoot through the roof!
As part of its efforts to establish Malaysia as one of the world’s biggest shopping paradises, the Malaysian Tourism Department launched a brand new initiative; The Mega Sale Carnival.
Enjoy the Mega Sale Carnival Malaysia bargains
Bargains galore in the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival

The event is actually held three times a year with each event promoting a different theme – once in March, once more in August, and then again in December, in the run up to Christmas.
This year however, the carnival is set to last longer than ever – organizers have agreed upon a record-breaking ten week event, starting from June 15th all the way through to the end of August.
Visit Malaysia stores for some great discounts and promotions during the mega sale
Stores discount heavily during the Mega Sale Carnival. Courtesy of Malaysia Pictures

Throughout the country, shoppers can find massive discounts in virtually all retail stores. New products are regularly launched to coincide with the events, while special promotions and discounts, exhibitions and prizes are organized to fuel the shopping frenzy even further.
And keeping in mind those who have far better things to do during the daytime, numerous midnight sales are also opened, meaning you really can “shop till you drop”.
Summer sales in Malaysia
Malaysian summer sales. Courtesy of Shim World

And it’s not just the shopping that’s celebrated during the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival. It’s also a time to showcase many different regional cultures, through their artworks, foods, drinks and more.
You’ll even be able to get yourself a bargain on flights as well. During the events, both domestic and international air fares are slashed as part of the government’s efforts to lure visitors to one of the world’s most unique shopping extravaganzas.



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