Apr 7, 2011

Ramly Burger - Made In Malaysia

These burgers are Malaysian made and extremely popular at night as the burgers taste so much nicer than McDonalds, it's locally made (so support Malaysian brands!) and it's cheaper than the fast food joints. It seems it's so popular in Singapore that a newspaper article did a feature on it where it's fans confessed to smuggling the burgers across the Causeway at the risk of being caught.
Not only do the Singaporeans love Ramly's it seems quite a lot of people do also. Their turnover for their processed food sales that includes the beef patties, frankfurters and nuggets sold to the burger stall owners and the supermarkets was an estimated RM60million last year. Not bad for a company that started out in 1979 just as a mobile kiosk selling these burgers.

Back to our burgers, we ordered the specials that includes beef patties wrapped in an egg omelette. Here you can see the guy cooking the patties and the specials at one side. You crack an egg and spread it thinly on the grill. The beef patty is placed inside the egg and wrapped up.

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Once it's cooked, it's time to assemble the burger, so a double will have the egg covered patty, some sliced cucumbers and another beef patty on top of a soft bread bun. They will add loads of mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce on top of the burger.

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Then it's all wrapped up in Ramly paper that shows it's halal and approved by the Veterinary Services in Malaysia.
 Try and eat these burgers as soon as possible as it can get soggy with all the mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce they add on.

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