Jul 7, 2010

Doughnuts @ Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, KL

I finally had time to make it to the new doughnut place at the Curve. Ever since they announced their opening in the papers last weekend which I totally missed, it's been packed with people that there has already been a few blog reviews. It's located behind TGIF next to the yet to open The Apartment.

According to the people who work at this place, they say the doughnuts are based on a recipe from New York. Not too sure about it since there's no mention about a Big Apple Donut franchise if I google. It looks like this could be a similar doughnut set up to the ones who are now cashing in on the Krispy Kreme fame. Guess it's a good idea to bring this in and start a trend to reap the monies before the actual Krispy Kreme arrive on our shores. Kinda reminds me of the same business model the two doughnut places in Singapore are doing at Raffles Shopping Centre and at Vivocity where people queue up for their doughnuts.

Currently the opening promotion is buy twelve doughnuts at RM17 and get half a dozen doughnuts for free. Note that for the twelve doughnuts, you can choose the various types but for the free doughnuts they only give you Glacier doughnuts which is simply glazed. If you order a drink (not mineral water) as they also serve various coffee and teas, you can also get a free Glacier doughnut.

Signages are quite sparse when it comes to the types of doughnuts they offer and when I was there, not all the glass trays at the display counter were filled up. From a piece of paper stuck at the wall of their open plan kitchen, I counted a total of seventeen varieties but I've only managed to identify sixteen varieties. The kitchen is open plan and pretty small with emphasis on the doughnut glazing machine while toppings is added by hand. This first one is called California Almond - topped with icing and flake almonds. Not bad and not too sweet.

This one is called Cool Blue as it has blueberry jam in the middle while the sides are dipped in a glaze.

This is the Banana Rama - glazed with dark chocolate on the side and in the middle a dollop of strongly flavoured banana cream.

This is the Walnut - dark chocolate glazed with chopped walnuts on top of it.

This one is the Witnut which comes with a peanut butter filling and a white chocolate topping.

This is similar to the Ice Blue except this is called Hot Berry and comes with a strawberry filling.

This is their Snowy doughnut which is just a plain doughnut topped with icing sugar.

This is the Choreo - topped with powdered oreo cookies.

This is the Cocoring which is topped with Belgian dark chocolate.

This one is known as the Green Teaser whereby the topping is green tea. The flavour is quite subtle that it's not easy to figure out the taste of the green tea.

This one is the Mango Tango - topped with mango cream and glazed.

This has a cute name - Moonraker where it's milk chocolate glazed and sprinkled with Coco Pops which they claim is James Bond favourite



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