Jun 5, 2010

Malay Food Kampung Style

@ Restoran A. Hassan, Section 13, Shah Alam

cooling pegaga salad

Working in Shah Alam can be a real pain sometimes as good food is not easy to come by. One day, when I was exploring Section 13's shophouses, I discovered they had my favourite Malay stall - Restoran A. Hassan. Ever since then, it has been my regular lunch time place.

local vegetables pucuk paku

Restoran A. Hassan made its name with the famous ayam kampung goreng. You can find a stall or a restaurant open at quite a few places - USJ Taipan, Puchong, Cheras, Taman Desa, Kampung Baru and etc. I've blogged about the Kampung Baru outlet before, which still remains my favourite outlet as the dendeng with the percik sauce is to die for!

sinful but oh so good! tempoyak with rice

If you plan to eat here, do come early as this place gets super packed with people after 12.30pm. Since the shop is quite small (just a single lot), tables and chairs are laid out at the walkways. You will find students from the nearby university, office workers and even high ranking police officers dining here for lunch.

yummy ayam kampung goreng

Just select what you wish to have for lunch from a spread, which consists of ayam kampung goreng, clams, ayam percik, fried fish, various ulam and etc. I often go for the clams, which is my favourite.

kelantan style ayam percik

They also have all types of sauces including the smelly but oh so yummy tempoyak. Made from durian, the smell can be pungent but when mixed with chillies, it is a spicy treat great with white rice.

my fav dish - the clams

The place mainly caters for the lunch crowd but for breakfast, they do sell nasi lemak. If you crave for good Malay food, this is definitely the place to be during lunchtime.

Sedaapppp weehhh!!!



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