May 13, 2010

Nasi Bawal Power

@ Selera Central, Sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara

bawal  goreng1
arty looking fried bawal (RM6 without set, RM8 for the set)

My colleague has been talking about this particular stall for the past 2 weeks, making me drool with her descriptions on how good the food here. After waiting forever at the service centre on Saturday (only sustained by a FOC nasi lemak packet, cups of milo and teh tarik), we made our way here for a very late lunch. We were unfamiliar with the food court, hence we ended up at the Chinese non halal section. Walking through the area, it didn't look right, so we walked further and came across a carpark in the middle. Looks like the halal and non-halal food courts were seperated by the carpark. Got there and finally found what we were looking for - Bawal Power at the corner of the food court.

ayam  goreng
yummy fried chicken (RM6 for the set)

Since it was late afternoon, it was sweltering hot, but we sat down and ordered out food; ikan keli set for me and ayam goreng set for Splashie Boy. This place said to originate from Penang, specialises in fried fish and chicken and best of all, it is done on the spot, i.e. they fry the items as and when you order. Hence you get piping hot and extra crispy fish or chicken served to you. That really works for me as I hate pre-fried food - all cold and yucky.

With the set, you get a plate of ulam (a mix of ulam raja, longbeans, 4 angled beans, cabbage), sambal belacan said to be from Penang, rice and a plain gulai curry. The fried items are drizzled with kicap manis (a sweet soy sauce) and if you like it hot hot hot, they also give you a soy sauce dip with chopped chillies and onions. I really loved the fish - fried till all the sides were crispy for you to crunch on the bones. While the catfish is not the prettiest thing in town, it is a favourite of mine with its sweet and fine flesh. Splashie Boy's fried chicken was very good too and you won't want to visit KFC or Popeyes, after tasting it. We couldn't resist, so we added a bawal goreng (fried pomfret). It was just as delicious that you can't help and use your fingers to eat every crispy bit.

love the spicy sambal belacan and kicap with chopped chillies & onions



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