Mar 25, 2010

Rendang Tok

Rendang Tok @ Warung Rendang Kak Yong, Giant Shah Alam

sublime melt in the mouth rendang tok

A very quick one for today! Been quite busy with work hence I've not been exploring much but we did recently discover this little gem in Giant Shah Alam. Around the food court (don't eat the hotplate noodles, tastes yucky with the starchy sauce!), there's also small stalls fringing the food court that sell all kinds of food like rojak, beef soups, cold drinks, popiah, nasi lemak and this particular stall specialising in various types of rendang. You can opt to eat the spicy rendang with yellow glutinous rice (pulut kuning), roti jala, ketupat or nasi impit (compressed rice).

my hefty plate of rendang tok with nasi impit drizzled with peanut sauce (RM5.50)

I've always loved rendang tok with its dark brown fork tender beef chunks with a slightly sweetish taste. Usually cooked until dry for many hours in coconut milk, this rendang is said to originate from Perak. Not usually found everywhere here, this stall's version is excellent and priced reasonably as a plate of rendang tok with compressed rice (nasi impit) drizzled with peanut sauce is RM5.50.

Aside from rendang tok, she also sells rendang ayam (but it is more like a watery rich coconut milk curry with chicken pieces), rendang kerang, rendang paru paru and etc. We're still discovering what else is good in her stall but I definitely won't mind returning here to pack some rendang tok and ketupat from her, if I have friends over or when it is Raya.



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