Mar 25, 2010

Lemang Pak Ali (Warisan)

@ Jalan AU5, Lembah Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

take your pick from all that lemang in various sizes

I'm back! Had a good break even though it was a super hectic schedule. Been suffering from minor jetlag....hence, no blogging yet until this week. Plus, I haven't been doing anything exciting to blog about too.

cracking that bamboo open...

Keeping with the Raya theme, I thought I'll blog about lemang we had yesterday. Did a quick trip down to Lembah Keramat (not Keramat okay, as I got scolded by Splashie Boy for this wrong statement, since it meant him making a few wrong turns!) on Saturday night after work and managed to get the famous lemang.

so yummy and is never enough!

Popularly known as Lemang Pak Ali, even though the card says Lemang Warisan, there is a cute signboard at the house they operate at, proclaiming them to be the "Lord of the Lemang". What makes their lemang special, according to an article I read before, is they use wild banana leaves to wrap the lemang. Usually, you can get kinda dissapointed with lemang - bits of uncooked rice and hard bits within, but this lemang was perfect. Soft and aromatic, everyone couldn't stop eating it for lunch yesterday.

gulai kawah...cooked in a large wok

To accompany the lemang, we had bought a portion of almost black colour rendang tok. Sadly to say, the pictures of it didn't turn out well but the rendang tok was super yummy. A bit spicy from all the pepper used but very tender and delicious, that one still continues to eat even though it burns your tongue. There's also gulai ayam (as seen above cooking in a large kawah aka the wok), serunding, home made cookies and ketupat daun palas at the place.


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