Mar 15, 2010

Laksa Kuale Kangsor!

Hot Laksa

I don’t believe this… I have been to Kuala Kangsar for so many times, but my girls never bring me to this nice place. During my last trip to Kuala Kangsar, I was so glad to have tasted the hot Kuala Kangsar laksa. Hot, because it has a lot of patrons and supporters; not because it has hot waitresses :)

This little stall is located at the back of the biggest secondary school in the town, SMJK Tsung Wah. Everybody in the town knows the whereabouts of this school. Okay, enough of talking, let you see some pictures. Oh, want to taste it yourself; then drive to Kuala Kangsar and order a couple of bowls yourself :D


The left picture shows the look of the laksa stall. It doesn’t look very elegant and neat if you compare them to Laksa Shack in KL. But it has some old original taste in its well known offering – the laksa. I was kind of skeptic too until I tried their Malay laksa at RM2.50 a bowl. I just kept on quietly eating until the whole bowl was finished. Next time, I must order a big bowl.

The right picture shows my bowl of laksa.

ABC and cendol
It won’t be complete without some nice desserts, right?

Try Laksa Pak Ngah only if you want old original Northen flavor, and you only have RM2.50 to spend.



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