Mar 26, 2010

Kuih gula bakar & Kuih Telinga Keling

Hitam2 Pun Sodapp!

Aisheh, I don't have to waste time making my own Malai Kou la. The Saturday Kelana Jaya pasar tani sells my favorite kuih gula bakar. One big piece for RM2 only. Yum yum!

The side view. See all the air holes. So nice.

Back view even nicer. Just love the kuih!

I must learn how to make this one day. But first thing is to learn how to cook the sugar properly. Cooking the gula bakar needs a lot of time and skills with the fire control... something which I don't have hehe.

Anyway, I bought this too. Meneram? Merenam? I forgot the name of this quih but I kind of like it too.

It's gula melaka with a flour mixture deep fried in cold then heated hot oil.

Dad don't like it because it doesn't taste like dough nut. Imagine crushed dhall beans with gula melaka then deep fried... something like that. A bit sandy texture.

One big happy family.

Inside the meneram. Nyummm2x!



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