Mar 28, 2010

Ikan Patin Tempoyak at Akob Patin House

It is located by the Kuantan riverside, behind the old KWSP office and the old Samudera Hotel building. Opening Hours : Lunch only, get there around 12pm or it'll be tough to get seats.

Akob Patin House serves an array of Malay dishes which you'd take with white rice. Among its usual servings are rebung masak lemak, veggies, beef and fish dishes. It is self service style. This is a popular place and the lunch crowd numbers can be high.

The speciality of Akob Patin House is .. duuhhh.... patin la, what else. The patin is cooked in tempoyak style, and there are usually 2 types which are Patin Sangkar and Patin Buah, the latter being more expensive. The gravy is "thickish" and the aroma and taste of tempoyak is very prominent, making your drool on the expectation of savoring the fish itself.

This would be my typical dish here. A plate of white rice, some tempoyak made of fresh durians (you can actually taste the durian sweetness), sambal tempoyak and mangga and some veggies, coupled with a piece of patin masak tempoyak. Oh, and a teh 'o' ais laici.. heaven....

Another specialty here is the Ikan Kerai Goreng, which you need a good bit of time to eat as it has small bones that you need to pick out. The v shaped bones are hell if you get one stuck in your throat, so be careful. The time spent to eat this fish is worth it, though. Our total bill for 4 persons came close to RM50. Money well spent, I'd say.



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