Mar 14, 2010

Cendol "Bismillah"

@ Taiping, Perak

Okay, this Cendol stall may have been known by many Taiping-ians or maybe Perakians. It has been there since long time ago, where the business had be passed through the family descendants.

The cendol is good~I like the cendol with pulut, so nice~There are also Pesembur (Like Rojak) sold here for you to try on. Normal cendol only comes with the Green Cendol. Better to take the Red Beans or Pulut as the add on. For normal Cendol, it is RM1.20 for the big size (better to order for big size for satisfaction~), RM1.30 with Red Beans, RM1.40 with Pulut and RM1.50 with both of it. So the price is quite cheap rite??

Ok, the location is after the break~ Enjoy the picture first:

Bismillah Cendol []The price

Cendol With Red Beans 2 []Cendol with Red Beans~

Cendol With Red Beans []

Cendol With Red Beans 3 []Cendol With Red Beans  []

*Click for larger image

Okay time for judgement: Taste=Good, Place=To me its okay, but for some people they maybe don’t like it and Price=To me, it is Super Cheap!!

So i gave them 4 star. Bonus as it can be considered historical food stall in Taiping~ Anyway, enjoy your food journey~ thats all for now~

Thanks for reading and please comment ~hehe. ^_^

"Sekali pekena nak lagiii...."



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