Sep 19, 2012

Top 10 Adventures in Malaysia

Located in the tropics, Malaysia is separated into two halves by the South China Sea. The peninsula is home to the sprawling modern cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang, while Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo boast jaw-dropping landscapes and vast amounts of endemic flora and fauna. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with a very diverse culture and heritage. It is the abode of tropical evergreen forests, huge national parks as well as rugged mountain terrains.

Here is my bucket list of some great Malaysian adventures that I would love to do when I visit this beautiful country!
Hiking in Mount Kinabalu:
Mount Kinabalu earns the distinction of being the tallest mountain in South-East Asia and offers an astonishing panoramic view of Sabah from it’s highest point. It is one of the easier peaks to conquer but the addition of a 1.2 km long Via Ferrata now offers various routes that have different levels of difficulties. The hike to Low’s Peak, which is the highest point (4095m) is the best part of the tour as the views from the peak are stunning and make all the effort worthwhile!
Malaysia boasts a fascinating coastline and the best way to enjoy the beauty of it is by chartering a yacht. Sailing to Langkawi islands would be a serene experience. Langkawi is home to uninhabited islands, lush rain forests, beautiful white sand beaches, astonishing caves and lakes. You can also spot long tailed macaques, Langkawi sea eagles, hairy nosed sea otters as well as the shy yet beautiful langour. It would be a perfect sailing holiday for all nature lovers.

Mountain Biking:
Mountain biking through the tarmac roads of Borneo is a great way to see what Malaysia has to offer. It’s a rustic way to discover mountains, beautiful rivers, beaches and the dense forests of the country! It is an adventurous way to get a feel of the country as it moves under your wheels!
Jungle Trekking in Taman Negara:
Taman Negara is Malaysia’s largest national park and is home to numerous wonderful species of wildlife and dense, lavish rainforests. The canopy walk which affords you a view from atop the forest, and the night watches for nocturnal life, makes for once-in-a-lifetime experiences!
Scuba  diving in Sipadan:
Sipadan is considered to be the Mecca for most diving enthusiasts. Sipadan is an exquisitely beautiful habitat for over 500 species of coral and over 3000 species of fish. Scuba diving in the Sipadan waters is unique as it features a majestic drop-off that cascades down into 700 meters of endless beauty. The diving site offers a visual treat as the waters feature a diverse range of marine life ranging from the hawksbill turtle to the white-tip shark.
Platform Snorkeling:
The Langkawi islands offer a unique experience of exploring the beautiful coral reefs, not through scuba, but from a floating platform that is accessed by a speed boat. This gives a rare opportunity for snorkelers to tour the radiant coral garden that is enriched with great marine life!
Whitewater Rafting:
The Sungai Kampar river in Perak offers a thrilling rafting adventure as you can ride through the beautiful river that is set amongst a luscious rain forest and tackle 14 exciting rapids. The river flows along extravagant caves and temples, and also features hot springs. The whitewater rafting will make you go on an adrenaline rush and is a great way to get in touch with nature!

Living with the Penan Tribe:
This is a great adventure as you can get to explore some unprotected areas in Sarawak and live with the tribes as well as learn about their fascinating rituals. You can experience their activities of blowpipe making, rattan weaving and wildlife tracking, and learn the value of medicinal plants as well. It is a truly fascinating way to appreciate nature among those who are closest to it.
Wreck Diving:
Diving enthusiasts can indulge in wreck diving as four great wrecks await exploration in the stunning Labuan Islands. They include an Australian wreck, an American wreck, a blue water wreck and a cement wreck. The crystal clear blue waters give great visibility for all the wrecks.

Jet Ski:
Another great, fun water activity is the jet ski tours on the waters of the Menumbok river, in Sabah. The tours last up to almost three hours and the jet skis can be rented from the many watersports centres in the area. Jet skiing is a great water sport for people of all ages and probably the best way to enjoy the sun and waters!

With such rich natural beauty, culture and heritage, Malaysia is indeed “Truly Asia”!

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