Dec 24, 2010

The Royal Town Of Kuala Kangsar

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Masjid Ubudiah
Take A Trip Back in Time At Kuala Kangsar

A historical beacon filled with quaint landmarks, the 150-year old town of Kuala Kangsar is an intriguing mixture of heritage, culture and old world charm. Just 30 minutes away from Ipoh, the state’s oldest district is also the royal town of Perak where Istana Iskandariah, the Sultan’s palace resides.

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Perak Royal Museum

History buffs can begin their heritage trail by taking a nostalgic walk up Bukit Chandan. Breathe in the clean fresh air and enjoy the scenic views of Sungai Perak while exploring historical buildings such as the Malay College and Clifford School (both over 100 years old), the breathtaking Masjid Ubudiah, the royal palace Istana Iskandariah and the picturesque Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah. Also not to be missed is the oldest rubber tree in Jalan Raja Chulan, which is also one of the two oldest rubber trees in Malaysia. It originated from nine seedlings brought from Brazil by an English botanist in 1877 and is still thriving.

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Iskandariah Palace

Beyond its rich historical legacy, Kuala Kangsar also showcases the finest crafts in the form of Labu Sayong(gourd-shaped pottery). Take a short boat ride to Kampung Sayong and immerse yourselves in the traditional art of making labu sayong that keeps water cool even in hot weather. Those interested in traditional weaponry making should pay a visit to the keris and parang maker at Bukit Chandan. The friendly and skilful artisans of Kuala Kangsar will be all too happy to share the art behind their craft with visitors.

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Labu Sayong

For the hungry traveller, Kuala Kangsar offers a gamut of delicious local cuisines. Get a taste of Kuala Kangsar’s famous laksa (spicy noodle soup) and cendol (sweet dessert broth) at Medan Selera Sungai Perakby the riverside. The laksa, which has great texture, is made of special flour and is accompanied by the delicious watery fish and shrimp gravy. For a dose of Hainanese goodness, try the pau (steamed Chinese bun with a choice of beef, chicken and kaya fillings) at Yat Lai Restaurant at Jalan Kangsar. Word has it that these paus are served to the Perak royal family, so if it’s good for the royals, it should be good for you, too.

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Sungai Perak

So, whatever your interest may be, Kuala Kangsar effortlessly mesmerises; casting a spell of history and unadulterated charm to all that graces its path.



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