Jun 1, 2010

Pizza - Yellow Cab Pizza

@Jalan Raja Abdullah, KL

the frontage and yellow motorbikes that grabbed our attention and the tourists 
There's a new bright yellow place in town!! For those who know Splashie Boy well, you will all remember he loves the colour bright yellow. Hence, yesterday when we were driving past Jalan Raja Abdullah, we spied this sunshine yellow frontage. It definitely grabbed his attention, that he even made an illegal u-turn (something he never does!) to check this out.

twice-baked potato halves (RM12.80) for 6 pieces with sour cream and chives

Previously a fishball stall used to occupy this corner shoplot but the owner decided to take the place back and renovate it. The place has been unoccupied for quite sometime, but now it houses this Phillipines franchise - Yellow Cab Pizza Co, where their tagline is "when you want great pizza, call a cab". In the Phillipines where they have 54 outlets, they use Vespas for their delivery bikes and a Chrysler PT Cruiser, all painted bright yellow. Wonder, if they'll get a Chrysler PT Cruiser here too? Seen only 1 or 2 around town so far, hence that will be cool.

the NY classic side of the Four Seasons Pizza (RM28.60 for a 10 inch pizza)

For those who have been to New York, you will notice the references to the infamous yellow cabs. The delivery bikes have been given a sunshine yellow transformation, that they now look like those iconic yellow cabs or taxis, as we label them here. The frontage with the distinctive bikes parked in front got a lot of reactions especially from the tourists who walk past the road. We spied at least 2 groups of tourists who walked past and started snapping pictures.

the roasted garlic and shrimp side of the Four Seasons Pizza

While the old shophouse was given a new lick of paint, glass covered windows as it is now air-conditioned inside, a steel and glass extension that covers a staircase on the side, some of the old elements have been retained like the wooden windows. Inside, there are unpainted concrete walls, bright yellow accents all over, pictures of New York and names of famous places in New York that decorate the place. There's even a cute dustbin (in yellow of course) with metal shelves on top for pizza boxes. I reckon the outlet is recycle friendly, as I saw the worker stacking the boxes on the shelves. You will note the different lengths of the shelves correlate to the 3 sizes the pizzas come in. Thumbs up for this green initiative.

the anchovy lovers side of the 4 seasons pizza

Two types of pizza available - classic and specialty. Our menu is similar to the Phillipines one shown on 
their website with the exception of ice cream and chicken wings. The pizzas come in 3 sizes - 10, 14 and 18 inches. Since we wanted to sample the most from one visit, we ordered the 4 Seasons - with 4 types on one pizza i.e. NY Classic, #4 cheese, Anchovy Lovers and Roasted Garlic and Shrimp. Our absolute favourite out of the 4 types we tried - the NY Classic with beef pepperoni slices. A simple pizza but very tasty probably because they use tasty beef pepperoni.

Next favourite was the roasted garlic and shrimp with a subtle taste of garlic and prawns scattered on top. The #4 cheese with romano, mozzarella, cheddar and feta was not bad also but it had a slight sourish taste. For those who love capers and black olives, the anchovy lovers is a good choice. I found it a bit salty though.

the eye-catching Vespa lookalikes




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