May 25, 2010

Anuar's Fish Head Curry

@ Lucky Gardens, Bangsar

The only way to enjoy your fish head curry - with your fingers

Sighhhhhhh! It has been a long week since I blogged. As usual life got in the way i.e. things, which we can't plan for, like funerals and catching a flu. I'm still slowly getting over my flu bug. I did have a wave of good fortune yesterday, since I met Curtis Stone of Discovery Travel & Living's Take Home Chef. After chatting with him and seeing him in action, one can truly understand, why he was voted one of People magazine's sexiest men (with the likes of George Clooney) and why women are desperate to take him home.

BUT I'm sure that is not what you tune in here for rite? Don't worry, I do have food and boy is it super yummy. A few weekends ago, I managed to persuade Splashie Boy to visit this place. I have been eyeing the fish head curry here for the longest time. Just didn't have the right quorum of people to attack one huge fish head, but since there was the 2 of us, I decided to go ahead.

Sotong or little devils? Just the same as they're chockfull of
cholestrol but who cares, since they taste so gooooooood.

Just round the corner from TMC, is this small little shack on the side of the road. Observe this place carefully as whenever you pass by it during lunch time, it is always packed. Always a good sign of how good the food is.

Fried fish - crispy fellas you want to crunch on

Not everyone goes for the fish head curry as this stall's fried chicken, fish and sotong are equally good. Definitely cheaper than the fish head curry, you can get a decent meal for about RM4 to RM5 here with chicken, rice and a serving of bean sprouts on the side.

Deep fried chicken, if you prefer a budget meal

I especially love the fried chicken here - juicy and crisp, while the fried sotong is also a must-have here for me. Not chewy like rubber, this stall's version is tender with a light crisp batter coating it.

Fish head curry - a delight to be shared among friends

We went for the fish head curry, which ended up being super huge, as they couldn't dig out a small one from the pot. Now, if you have never eaten fish head curry, you must always try it with your fingers. It's a joy to dig around the fish head, searching through the bones for yummy flesh. Even though I'm a fish head fan, I tend not to go for the eye. Just can't get myself to eat that part. They use jenahak fish here - huge fellas as the heads are enormous. With a curry sauce that is slightly sour and not too spicy, this is excellent with a huge plate of piping hot rice. Do give it a try as it will be an experience, you won't forget.




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