Apr 20, 2010


Lontong @ Pinang Masak

It's taken me quite a while to venture here probably because of the traffic jam that clogs up the entrance to Bukit Tunku. One day, I decided to brave it and found it wasn't too bad since they have open the ramp directly to Segambut/Jalan Ipoh.

I'm glad I did make the effort as I got to savour their fantastic lontong. The only thing which I didn't like was the technicolour orange it came in. I suspect it was also an effect of taking the picture under an orange canopy hence the extreme orangey-ness of the lontong.

Tastewise, it was rich but the consistency was not too thick making it extremely slurpy. Eaten with slightly soft nasi impit (compressed rice cubes), vegetables and tempe plus topped with sambal sotong, it was hard not to lick the bowl dry. I especially liked their sambal sotong which wasn't too soft but had a nice bite to it. However prices here are of course higher than the normal Malay stall and my bowl of lontong was slightly less than RM10.

Business has been good and they now boast of three more outlets scattered around town. I've also sampled their kuih muih (Malay cakes) before in a previous visit and they're pretty good too. Will definitely have to come back to try their various dishes for lunch.



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