Mar 12, 2010

Taiping with LOVE!

My Home Town!
Taiping , Perak - Malaysia

The great cool waters of Burmese Pool. Becoming more commercial now. Hopefully those administrators can keep it clean always. Many people drowned during rainy seasons due to strong water current. Never swim in a river during or after rain! Need to walk about 5 minutes from the parking entrance. If you drive from lake garden, turn right just before the famous war memorial area. There should be a sign to Burmese pool.

Taiping lake garden is a must visit places. In fact, it is the Icon of this lovely Taiping town. There are so many nice historic places here. Don't forget the usual popular places like the Taiping Zoo (Best in Malaysia), Night Safari (First in Malaysia), Museum, Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut) and the famous food. Hotels at reasonable price ranging from $70rm to $120rm a night. This is certainly a place for gastronomic orgy.

Taiping Lake Garden - Clouds edited (Nice ka?). If you need photographers for your wedding or other business, can contact me lah. I refer you some good ones.

The Museum is below. Picture is edited. Nice sky. Rain always. haha.

Bukit Merah Resort. Nice place with modern water fun park for children (spoilt brats right?). People fish for Arowana here as well. Try your luck lah. Windy and serene. About half hour drive north from Taiping. Check the map. Don't overshoot to Penang ya. Batu Kurau also have very famous award winning durians. I eat till cannot tahan. Even CEOs of big company q for it. I sapu first before they get it. Leave them with shells only. lol.

The Fireman Hives. BOMBA as some call it. Where you are on fire, pls call 999. They will zoom in a whisk. Centrally located. Just a little Icon. Everything can be reached within 5 minutes. Behind it there's a famous food court.

Famous Catholic Church. Lots of wedding bells rang here. Just next to the famous convent school. hmm I wonder why some of the Catholic churches specifically don't really improve their sound system... Time to upgrade bro...

One of the famous hotel near new club which is close to the lake garden (Casuarina Inn). Many functions held here as well. Many people used to job pass this area which is close to the club. Many wedding photo sessions taken here. Nice columns.

Other hotels you can pick. Cheap la... (from singapore point of view la).
Lagenda Hotel: Old Rest House converted into hotel
Hotel Furama at 30, Jalan Peng Loong near to lake garden or Cathay cinema.
Sri Malaysia Hotel at the lake garden near Taiping Prison (Masuk jail kawan).
Legend Inn near Convent School or at city centre.
Panorama Hotel located in the middle of the city opposite the famous old clock tower.
There is a new hotel near the Lake Garden by the name of Flemington
with a sky-bar being the latest hit in Town.

Most famous Chinese Kwang Tung Association. Used to be famous for Football team and learning Tae Kwon Do. National champions are bred here. Dun pray pray. Lantern show is also available during Moon cake festival period. Sept-Oct. Ask the locals on where it is held.

The original purpose of the Taiping Public Library building was as a bank. Formerly the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China (now the Standard Chartered Bank), which first opened a branch in Taiping in 1888, this building was later converted into the public library. The public library is located at Kota Road.

Other fresh rivers or small waterfalls would be Austin pool or Batu 1/2. Nice to have picnic there. Tapau some spicy food and drinks there. Check out the real cool coronation swimming pool as well. Fresh water pool. Everything just shrink when you dive in. lol. Children pool is available. Suggestion; they should build a waterfall in there. Below is the Austin Pool. Slightly smaller and deeper. About 10 minutes walk into the jungle.

Quite deep pool here. Careful if you are not a strong swimmer. 24 footer pool. Need me to coach you? lol.
Butterfly stroke kacang putih ok? lol.
Sounds funny, but believe it or not. This is now the hottest place for prosperity. People are flocking in from Singapore, Thailand and the world over just to get a touch on these boars. Maybe Phua Chu Kang will come one day. The Indian temple called Om Sakthi Sri Jada Muneesvarar Alayam is near to Zenith Park. It will appear in the evenings only.

The claim is one touch and you will prosper. lol. So, you can try lah, no need to work already. Can retire there. Once you make good money... give me 10% will do lah... I recommend you mah...right? lol. Oh. This is in Kamunting area. Some of my buddies stayed there. You should be able to see Tesco or shopping centres along the way.

mohhh kiteeeee!!.....



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