Mar 24, 2010

Ikan Pekasam

Besttt beb!
Ikan Pekasam food is coming from the interior of Perak. It became a favorite our family for so long again.Ikan Pekasam more or less the same with salted fish. Only creation quite a few different ways. However the function of preserved fish and fish Salted fish is the same, namely as an appetizer (appertiser). This is our favorite dish.

River such as fish, fish Jelawat, Lampam, tengas, talapia, etc. baung. Washed net (Remove the head if the big fish).

Rice, fried and dried in Grinding
Javanese tamarind water
Sugar kabong

Quantity of material up to your taste.

How to make
Mix all ingredients with fish that had just cleaned. Gaul flat and store in containers and enclosed in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Fried Ikan Pekasam with onions in thin slices, dried chilli or chilli padi. I love to fish until destroyed berserbuk and fried crisp. It is delicious in the hot-hot meal with rice, boiled ulam and sambal belacan.



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